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The chalet is a 3 min drive from the St Martin 1 bubble lift. and you can ski off-piste back to Coco’s door from the top of the Olympic chairlift. Whilst this is a very beautiful and relatively easy of piste run, we do not advise this without a qualified ski guide. Otherwise it is a pretty ski down to St Martin from Les Menuiers, or Meribel and a 3 min drive back the Chalet. The snow is cleared on the road outside the chalet every day, and there is parking for two cars next to the Chalet.

There is also a free shuttle bus form Villarabout to St Martin and the other villages in the Valley. Timetables do change so we reccomend checking the transport page on St  Martin de Bellville's website here or the buse timetable here

Take a virtual helicopter ride over St Martin and the sorrounding mountains below:

Livecam - Les Menuires


The 3 Valleys is home to no less than 10 Michelin-starred restaurants. Setting the bar high for each of the 100+ eateries that produce mountain fare at all the price points below this. From a hot dog on the piste, or a quick self-service carbonara, to a tartiflette by the fire or a gestation menu on the terrace, wrapped in complimentary fur… it should be hard to find a new place to try, and fall in love with, every day.

See below for a selection of our favourites in each resort:


Valle de Belleville

La Bouitte €€€€€
Tel: 04 79 08 96 77
This is one of the most extrordinary restaurants not just in the Three Valleys but in France. This has been recognised by the awarding of two Michelin stars. We have eaten here on several occasions and if you love your food you have to eat here at least once in your life! Booking essential
Where? Saint Marcel - Martin de Belleville

Le Lachanal €€
The food has become more complex on change of ownership and it is not the great value it once was but still well worth a visit with friendly service and wonderful sun terrace. Booking essential.
Where? Behind the church in Saint Martin de Belleville
La Voute, €€ St Martin de Belleville - +33 (0) 4 79 08 91 48
Right in the centre of pretty St Martin and with great value filling food. The “Plat du Jour” is often a good option to go for.

La Loy €€€
Tel: 04 79 08 92 72
Here yesteryear flavours will delight your taste buds and you will enjoy our versions of well-known Savoyard specialities.


Le Corbeleys €€
Tel: 04 79 08 95 31
Mountain pasture chalet transformed into a lovely restaurant. Traditional and Bellevillois cuisine combines with the splendour of the mountains for some wonderful moments.

Méribel Valley

Les Allodis €€€€
Tel: 04 79 00 56 00
One of the best restaurants in Meribel and certainly the best restaurant for lunch. However they changed the formula in 2011 to just offering a la carte with no menu de skieurs and the prices have effectively doubled. The cream of tagliatelle with chicken and foie gras is highly reccomended and the puddings are to die for, though one is probably enough for two if not three people!
Where? Opposite mid station of Rhodos bubble.


Le Blanchot €€€€
Tel: 04 79 00 55 78
One of the best in Meribel in a wonderful setting by the Altiport, certainly for lunch. One of my favourites!
Where? Altiport, Lapin Piste


Les Crêtes €€
Tel: 04 79 40 51 04
Traditional style restaurant with low ceilings and wooden beams to match. Traditional menu. We like Les Crêtes for its simple food and friendly service. Can be very busy. No credit cards.
Where? Cherferie, top of Tougnete lift.


Grand Coeur €€€€€
Tel: 04 79 08 60 03
A grand restaurant in traditional hotel style but a little formal for ski resort but still one of the best restaurants in Meribel.
Where? Meribel Centre


Coeur de Cristal €€€
Tel: 04 79 22 46 09
The service is wonderful, friendly, smiley and helpful. The menu is wonderful and wide ranging as is the wine list. Teh Crystal Burger with pan fried fois gras is very naughty and outrageously delisious - not ideal for veggies though.
At the crossing point of the Rhodos and blue Marmottes run, 300m above the Rhodos gondolas mid-station.


L'Helios €€€€
Tel: 04 79 24 22 42
The Helios has been open since 2010 and is a welcome addition to slope side restaurants in Meribel. We have eaten a couple of times and have not been disapointed. But, the hotel and restaurant lack atmosphere
Where? Route de la Renarde, Meribel. Doron piste towards the Tourist Office.


Pizzeria du Mottaret €€€
Tel: 04 79 00 40 50
Delightful. Welcoming, with wonderful pizzas and the best fondue and steak tartar that I have ever had. A visit to Meribel is not complete without at least one meal at The Pizzeria. Really the only place to eat in Mottaret.
Where? Centre of Mottaret


Le Plantin €€€€
Tel: 04 79 04 12 11
The Plantin is situated on the road between Meribel Village and La Tania on the site of the (in)famous old Plantin restaurant. This is completely different. The room is well designed and the service is good even if the smile was a little forced. The food was also good if a little un-exciting.
Where? Le Plantin


Le Zinc Altiport Hotel €€€€€
Tel: 04 79 00 53 32
Le Zinc open in the 2011 season when the Altiport Hotel came under new management. This restaurant is expensive though the food is good when we visited for lunch the first time in December 2011. The service while "sympa" was a little shambolic for a restaurant aiming for a Michelin Star. The position is great but i prefered the old decor.
Where? Altiport, Lapin Piste

Courchevel Valley


Le Cap Horn €€€€€
Tel: 04 79 08 33 10
Massive outside seating area. Excellent service; high prices accompany the amazing food. One of the top ten restaurants in France according to the Times. I wouldn't go that far but definately worth a stop during your stay.
Where? Above Courchevel altiport.


Le Chalet de Pierres €€€€€
Tel: 04 79 08 18 61
Attracts a special clientele due to its extraordinary price. Food reputably good. A huge terrace and a little ice rink which is great for entertaining the children and a Mont Cler boutique.
Where? Underneath Verdons lift, opposite the lake above 1850.


Le Tremplin €€€
Tel: 04 79 08 06 19
Large terrace - a great place for people watching. A superb range of food... oysters, bulots, lobster, sea food platter, steaks, pizza; if you do one lunch while in the Trois Vallees have it here!
Where? To the right of Jardin Alpin in the centre of Courchevel.


Chabichou €€€€
Tel: 04 79 08 00 55
This is one of the great restaurants in the Alps. Chef Michel Rochedy has been working his magic here since 1963. One can go a la carte or the €55.00 lunchtime menu offers exceptional value. Highly recommended.
Where? Courcehvel 1850.


La Soucoupe €€€
Tel: 04 79 08 21 34
Self-service downstairs or small restaurant upstairs; chef cooks on open fire. Booking is essential. The food is reportedly very good but we are yet to try it.
Where? Top of Cretets chair lift and accessible from Chenus lift.


Le Bel Air €€€
Tel: 04 79 08 00 93
Friendly, efficient; excellent tiered sun terrace. Plat du jour and omelettes recommended. Booking necessary. Very popular with British holiday makers and understandably so. Not to be missed.
Where? Above 1650 at the top of Ariondaz.


Le Bistro du Praz €€€€
Tel: 04 79 08 41 33
This famous restaurant has gone through two changes of ownership since it was run by Charlie. Things are now on the up. The food is excellent and we had three wonderful meals here last season.
Where? In the village of Le Praz.


Le Farcon €€€€
Tel: 04 79 08 88 34
La Tania is not the first place you would expect to find a one star Michelin restaurant, but it has earnt its star!
Where? In the village of La Tania.


The Others



Le Roc Tania €€
Tel: 04 79 08 32 34
Simple but good food. Large terrace with sun all day.
Where? Top of Loze chair lift out of the altiport and the Col de la Loze 2 man from the Chenus.


L'Altibar (Le Pilatus) €€
Tel: 04 79 08 20 49
Recently under new management. Varied reports on the food.
Where? Next to the Courchevel altiport


L'Arcensiel €
Tel: 04 79 08 38 09
The small outside seating area catches little sun, especially in early season. Good food is reasonably priced.
Where? Top of the Verdons, below Saulire cable car.


Le Panoramic €€
Tel: 04 79 08 00 88
Rebuilt in summer 2001 after fire damage. Owned by the mayor of Courchevel. Food quite good, but prices not the most reasonable.
Where? Situated at the top of Saulire cable car.


La Casserole €€
Tel: 04 79 08 06 35
Good food, though expensive; and the service isn't up to much.
Where? The bottom of Signal chair lift.


L'Ours Blanc €€
Tel: 04 79 00 93 93
Good pizza and pasta, good size portions. Service gets slow when busy but prices reasonable
Next to Ariondaz bubble in 1650.


L'Eterlou €
Tel: 04 79 08 25 45
Reasonable prices, wide menu. Good value food but the service can be slow.
Where? In 1650 itself, about 20m from the piste.


Le Kalico €
Tel: 04 79 08 20 28
The small outside sun terrace doesn't get much sun. Standard menu (pizzas, burgers). Reasonably priced for 1850.
Where? Under the bridge in 1850.


Le Bouc Blanc €
Tel: 04 79 08 80 26
Good quality food, friendly service. Large sun terrace, better earlier in the day. Good views.
Where? Above the La Tania bubble.




Les Castors €
Tel: 04 79 08 52 79
Convenient for La Chaudanne and lessons with Magic Academy. However, recent reports are of dreadful service and mediocre food. Give it a miss. Loses the sun pre 2pm early in the season and the service isn't always that great.
Where? Bottom of the trout.


Rhododendrons €
Tel: 04 79 00 50 92
Les Rhododendrons is convenient for beginners spending a lot of time on the Altiport. Not much character but quite reasonable prices. Self-service.
Where? Top of Rhodos Lift


Le Rond-Point €
Tel: 04 79 00 37 51
The food is no longer as well executed as before. Easy access for beginners and from the road. The terrace has the sun for the afternoon all season.
Where? Just below mid station of Rhodos.


Pierres Plates €
Tel: 04 79 00 42 38
Just awful. Simply avoid. Self-service.
Where? Top of Saulire


Le Chardonnet €€
Tel: 04 79 00 44 81
A traditional style restaurant with a wide menu and season-round sun.
Where? Pas du Lac mid-station


Chalet Togniat €
Tel: 04 79 00 45 11
Not too busy with only one chair lift out of Mottaret. Loses the sun early afternoon in December and January but a real sun-trap by March. Self-service.
Where? Bottom of Roc de Tougne lift


L'Arpasson €
Tel: 04 79 08 54 79
Large self-service restaurant. Sun-terrace isn't much use early season but it's the only stop around this side of the valley above Meribel.
Where? Opposite the Tougnete 1.


Côte Brune €€
Tel: 04 79 00 40 97
Easy to find, large sun-terrace, but as with all Mottaret restaurants is dropped into the shade by 2pm early season, so go up the Pas du Lac if you want a late lunch! Under new management and service better but I have yet to sample the food but with the Pizzeria du Mottaret just across the way, I probably won't be any time soon .
Where? Centre of Mottaret


Le Grenier €
Tel: 04 79 00 46 70
Traditional style restaurant that sits above the "Chrismaran" bar. Wide menu. Seating is all indoors bar a couple of tables on the small balcony. Reasonable prices too.
Where? Centre of Mottaret


Au Temps Perdu €

Tel: 04 79 00 36 64
Ridiculously dressed waiters serve you a range of salads, crepes and eggs. Watch out for ice on the path behind the outdoor tables.
Where? Centre of Mottaret


La Sittelle €
Tel: 04 79 00 43 48
Popular restaurant on the side of the Plattieres Blues. Small menu covering spaghetti, steak hache, saucisses and omelettes and cream freaks have to try the crazy chocolat chaud. Self-Service.
Where? Just above Plattieres 1 bubble.


Bellville Valley


Le Refuge €
Tel: 04 79 08 61 97
Always busy but generally disappointing. The family has been running this restaurant loger than I have been running Purple Ski and it shows. Not a place that I would rush back to.
Where? Meribel high street
Val Thorens Valley


Chalet Plein Sud €
Tel: 04 79 00 04 27
As the name suggests, catches a lot of sun and has a correspondingly large outdoor area. Queues get big peak season though and they don't really like giving out carafes of water unless, you pester them enough! Self-service.
Where? Top of Plein Sud chair lift.


Le Fast-Food €
Tel: 04 79 00 09 94
Not a restaurant as such but worth mentioning for its good sandwiches at a good price. If you just want to grab a bite, stop here.
Where Val Thorens 2300


Les Rondelles €€
Excellent place to stop when it gets down to -20°C and your tongue has frozen to your zip. Warm your gloves by the open fire and have a "vin chaud". Food isn't cheap, but it's quite good.
Where? Top of Moraine chair lift


Chalet les Deux Lacs €
Tel: 06 61 77 73 26
If you can't get a seat at the restaurant there's an ok snack-bar that serves quiche, small pizzas and chips. The restaurant is quite busy but food is reputedly quite good.
Where? Top of 2 Lacs & Moutiere chair lifts


Chalet du Thorens €
Tel: 04 79 00 02 80
Grab a hotdog at the snack-bar or head inside for something more substantial. Not a huge menu, but food is quite good.
Where? Bottom of Grand Fond cable car


Chalet de Caron €
Tel: 04 79 00 01 71
Popular stop when the sun's out - huge outside seating area. Similarly huge queues at 1.15pm peak season. If you've got time, jump over the Cime de Caron and go to Plan Bouchet instead. Self-Service.
Where? Bottom of Cairn & Caron bubble lifts


L'Etape 3200 €
Tel: 06 80 62 82 93
Fantastic views from the top of the Cime de Caron; however, the loos are often out of order and the kitchen unable to cope with demand. Small outside seating aread. Self-service.
Where? Top of Cime de Caron & Cime Caron cable car.


Chalet du Plan Bouchet €
Tel: 04 79 56 97 27
Small menu but big portions and an excellent Bolognaise. Busier now that the 4th valley has been extended, but still quiet compared to everywhere else and all season sun out on the terrace. Self-service.
Where? Near Cime de Caron & at the top of 3 vallees Express bubble from Orelle.


Chalet de Val Thorens €
Tel: 04 79 00 02 67
Good food in the restaurant upstairs, and excellent home-made pasta in the self-service underneath. Intriguing toilet layout. See for yourself.
Where? Above Val Thorens on Christine red run.


Les Roches Blanches €
Tel: 04 79 00 60 22
One of the quietest restaurants in the 3 valleys. Reasonable prices and loads of space inside and out. Check out the interesting translations at the end of the bar, e.g. Potage du jour = Potage in day. Excellent! Self-service.
Where? Masse mid-station, top of Rocher Noir chair lift.


Le Panoramic €
Tel: 04 79 22 80 60
Great views from the top of La Masse but can get a bit breezy outside. Try the lasagna if your stomach feels like it needs weighing down a bit. Self-service.
Where? At Pointe de la Masse, top of the Masse 2 bubble.


Trois Vallees €
Tel: 04 79 00 74 04
Cosy and doesn't always get that busy. Try the hot lemon juice and check out the "tasteful" pictures of Les Menuires c.1970 on the wall. Food is the usual; omelettes, steak and pasta, interesting plat du jours.
Where? On Vallons blue run from Masse mid-station.


Le Chardon Bleu €€
Tel: 04 79 08 95 36
Good for all-season sun and slightly more up-m sun terrace. Go to one of the restaurants in the old town instead.
Where? Saint Martin de Belleville

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